Job Description :

Windsor High School seeks a transformational, dynamic and progressive leader to manage the operations of the school. The principal will be responsible for ensuring the school runs smoothly, remains safe and provides an excellent learning environment for all students. The principal will also be responsible for management of all staff members. The suitable candidate must also have good business acumen and focus on growth of the school and building a long standing relationship with the community and its members, therefore marketing and branding will form part of the principal’s job role. Innovation, diversity and inclusion are entrenched behaviours as we pioneer new ways to prepare our 700 learners and inspire our school community to contribute to the ongoing development of our country and its people.


Qualifications :

  • Degree in education
  • Relevant work experience (HOD, Deputy principal, Principal) – 7 years
  • SACE registered
  • Multilingual


Skill set required :

  • Strong Management skills
  • Strategic organisational leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effective team management and development capability
  • Creative and critical problem solving skills
  • IT and marketing skills
  • Communications skills
  • Sound knowledge of labour relations
  • Must understand finances


In addition to all of the above the applicant must also meet all WCED requirements for a Post Level 4 position. All shortlisted applicants will be requested to undergo a Competency Based Assessment (CBA) prior to final interview.


Please note : The formal job advertisement will appear in the WCED vacancy list. Interested parties should ONLY apply through the WCED online application process.